Mueller Furious With Pelosi, Democrat Lies, Wants To Testify ASAP

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Democrats continued their clown show against Attorney General Bill Barr in the House but there is some bad news for them on their narrative.

They brought a ceramic chicken, a bucket of chicken and got the hashtag #ChickenBarr trending in some school yard attempt to pressure Barr into giving it to them.

Then the Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, accused Barr of committing a crime that could land him in prison.

It was all done in an effort to influence the American people into believing that Barr was hiding something from everyone.

But one American who was not impressed with their antics was the man they based all of their dreams on. Special counsel Robert Mueller.

One America News Network reporter Jack Posobiec reported that Mueller is steaming angry at Pelosi and wants to testify is defense of Barr.

“BREAKING: Special Counsel Mueller “deeply disturbed” by Pelosi accusations against AG Barr today and is urging Nadler to push up his hearing to testify and correct the record as soon as possible,” he said.

If this is true it would be a game changer and would assuredly sink the Democrats chances of victory in the 2020 presidential election.

The news broke after it was reported that House Democrats were engaged in direct talks with Mueller to get him to testify.

“A source familiar says House Judiciary has begun discussions directly w/ Mueller’s team about coming to testify before the cmte but nothing has been finalized at this point + no date has been set. Previously the Cmte had been in discussions w/ DOJ regarding Mueller’s testimony,” NBC reporter Alex Moe said.


“The House Judiciary Committee is now in direct contact w/ Robert Mueller’s team about a potential hearing w/ special counsel, per a source familiar w/ conversations.

“Previously, they were dealing with DOJ. Dems want May 15 hearing, but nothing has been finalized,” ABC reporter Ben Siegel said.

And all of this occurred after Speaker Rep. Pelosi stood in front of reporters and the American people and accused Barr of being a criminal.

““What is deadly serious about it is the attorney general of the United States of America was not telling the truth to the Congress of the United States,” she said. “That’s a crime.”

If Mueller stands in front of the Congress and the American people and says that Barr was correct, that President Donald trump was exonerated, it is game, set and match.

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