Elise Stefanik Gets Key Witness To Refute Entire Dem Case: ‘No evidence of bribery, extortion, treason’

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Elise Stefanik is good. Damn good. No wonder the Democrats fear her so. She scored some huge points earlier in the day when she took apart two Dem witnesses.

In the afternoon session, she dismantled the entire Dem impeachment case with a series of pointed and very effective questions.

“Did you see any quid pro quo?”


“Any bribery”


“Any extortion”


Elise continued, “Was there any reference to withholding aid, bribery, extortion?”

No, no and no there was not came the answers from the witnesses.

“You met with Zelensky on day after call on July 26th” she asked Tim Morrison.



“Any mention of bribery?”


“Any mention of extortion?”


“Quid pro quo”


Basically Elise Stefanik dismantled every single talking point by the Dems but she was just getting started.

She asked if any Ukrainians Morrison talked to were even aware military assistance was being delayed and


Chairman Schiff also got the facts wrong and she went into detail about how Schiff is blowing this inquiry.

She finished with a devastating takedown of Pelosi and Schiff’s case:

“Any evidence of bribery, treason, or extortion?”

The two key Dem witnesses said “no” and with that, she yielded back.


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