California Trump Poll Stuns Dems; A New Red Wave Could Be Coming

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It’s no secret that President Trump is unpopular in California given how liberal the state is.

However, a new bipartisan poll shows that he now has the interesting privilege of being more popular than… Pelosi’s peeps!

As reported by Fox News:

President Trump is more popular with Californians than the state’s overwhelmingly Democratic legislature, a new poll says.

In a state that has been at the forefront of the anti-Trump movement and in which Trump was only able to garner a little over 30 percent of the vote in 2016, voters think better of the president than they do of their own legislature, according to a new poll conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California.

This is not to say that the president should be bragging about his popularity in the Golden State — only 38 percent of Californians approve of Trump, compared with 60 percent that disapprove, the poll states. But for the state legislature, only 34 percent approve of the job they’re doing in Sacramento compared with 53 percent that disapprove of it.

Those are some really bad numbers, but it gets worse, according the LA Times.

As reported by the LA Times:

Even less popular than the Legislature and Trump is Congress.

Why is Congress held in such low esteem, even though the recently reinstalled House speaker is California Democrat Nancy Pelosi?

“Because they’re not getting anything done. It’s that simple,” says Mark Baldassare, the PPIC president and pollster.

And the Legislature isn’t perceived to be doing much either, Baldassare says. The lawmakers don’t seem to be in sync with new Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“The public doesn’t have a sense yet that this governor and Legislature can work together and solve problems,” Baldassare says. “There’s not an awful lot that anyone can point to and say they’ve done something.”


Another huge issue for Californians is all of the taxes. You know that government officials are tax-crazy when they start taxing things like water, for goodness sake.

It overtaxing issue got so bad in Maryland that they were even discussing offering tax credits for the sunshine to offset the rain tax!

When will the madness end?

Wouldn’t it end when there is finally a huge surplus of taxes collected?

The answer is no, because California is already sitting on a 21.5 billion dollar surplus, and now California governor Gavin Newsom is hitting them with even more taxes.

As reported by CNBC:

On Wednesday, a budget subcommittee of the state Senate axed the governor’s plan to slap a water tax on Californians to fund a safe drinking water program in disadvantaged communities. Newsom endorsed the tax in January and highlighted it last week in his May budget revision.

Newsom’s record $213.5 billion revised budget seeks other fees or taxes, including a health-care tax. It comes as California enjoys a projected surplus of roughly $21.5 billion — larger than the budget sizes of at least 20 other states.

It’s no wonder that Californians are fed up.

They are so fed up, in fact, that they don’t even want their Congress members to pursue impeachment of the president, the LA Times reported.

From the LA Times:

As for Trump, 54% of voters opposed Congress trying to impeach the president.

“That’s the pragmatic side of voters saying, ‘You’ve got a Senate controlled by Republicans and a House controlled by Democrats,’” Baldassare says. “‘Where is this going to lead to and what are we going to get done besides conversations about impeachment probably going nowhere? We’ve got other things that need to be done.’”

Regrettably for Californians, their governing body is not getting it done.

With talk of a new red wave coming in 2020, could it possibly be flooding the fruited plains of California as well?


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