After Pelosi Insults 63 Million Trump Voters – Jim Jordan Turns The Tables On Live TV

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Nancy Pelosi simply crossed a major red line – Jim Jordan’s creation her compensation for it!

It’s an obvious fact that her indictment conspire is battling. Indeed, even with every one of the holes, it doesn’t resemble the Democrats have delivered a smidgen of proof to demonstrate Trump violated the law.

Be that as it may, Pelosi can’t concede rout. Truth be told, she is by all accounts losing her grasp.

On live TV, during a meeting on Face the Nation, she offended 63 million Trump voters. How?

By considering the President of the United States a faker.

She is stating your decision in favor of Donald Trump in 2016 was ill-conceived.

Goodness. Can this lady not recognize what would be inevitable?

All things considered, Jim Jordan went ahead to the show directly after her and let her have it.

From Twitter:

“.@SpeakerPelosi considered the President of the United States a “faker.”

What an affront to the 63 million Americans who decided in favor of President Trump and gave him an Electoral College avalanche.”

Stunning! Jim Jordan hammered Pelosi’s wild allegation that Trump is a “fraud.”


He said she was offending the 63 million Americans who gave Trump the Electoral College avalanche.

I surmise Nancy Pelosi truly doesn’t have confidence in our majority rule government any longer. In what capacity can any legitimate individual state that Trump is a faker when such a large number of Americans decently and lawfully make their choice for him?

Do you realize who is a genuine sham? Somebody that attempts to undermine our popular government with a hoax examination.

Somebody that figures they can fix a political decision—and 200 years of popular government—with a false carnival put on for the phony news.

Pelosi and her Democrats are attempting to impugn Trump without introducing one bit of proof.

All that they’ve blamed Trump for, returning to the Russian scam, has been demonstrated false. However, they continue doing it.

Her gathering has been calling for denunciation since the very first moment. Why? Since it shows up Pelosi truly thinks Trump is a fraud.

I surmise you can think anything in the event that you dismiss the realities and live in a dreamland.

Offer on the off chance that you think Pelosi is the genuine fraud, not President Trump!


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